Who we are?

We’ve worked in the IT industry for years. We have experience with big international projects. Very often we’ve met as freelancers on the occasion of different jobs. After a couple of years of working together, we’ve reached a conclusion that our vision of building a brand’s online image is the same.

That’s when Webified was born.

It was January 2016. Our idea was to create space, where every entrepreneur can find services that will help him make it big online. Our goal was to offer comprehensive support on many levels – especially when it comes to graphic design, programming and marketing. It doesn’t matter if our client just started to build their brand or if they already have business experience. We give them individual approach, attention to the details and technical support. From the beginning, we had everything we needed to offer high quality and versatility of services. Kamil is an experienced developer and Wojtek has years of experience with graphic design. In just 3 years, we’ve built a team of dozen who work for our clients. We hire experienced, high-competent people who can fulfill our company’s mission which is to deliver custom solutions for every business.
Today we can agree that Webified is helping many companies on different stages of their existence. Either it’s business beginners or veterans, we create individual products that apply to our clients’ needs. We can help you, too. Let us know what you need and we will help you make it big online.